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The platform to learn, build, boost & grow your business

Faicliq is the ultimate destination for first-time entrepreneurs who want to learn how to plan their business. We offer a wide range of resources, from courses, templates, tools and books, to help you develop the skills you need to build a successful business.

Young Businesswoman
Business knowledge
Feeling that progress is not being made
Difficulties to find a guide or the right template to create your business plan
Being an entrepreneur means facing a large number of challenges before being able to work on a project.

With Faicliq you will defeat those challenges

Subscribe for only 5 euros per month and get free access to our Udemy courses valued at hundreds of euros, and the best software for creating a business plan in a guided way

What we offer

Business plan software

Create your business plan in a few simple steps and in a guided way. No prior experience required

Knowledge center

Improve your skills with our courses, templates and articles. 

Advisory center

Get access to the best local advisors to help you launch and grow your business

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