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Need some help planning your startup?

Financial Advisor

Business Plan

Having trouble to developing your idea into a business plan? What about


Need someone to look after SEO for your startup site with limited budget?

Dashboard Creation

Getting overwhelmed trying to make the numbers talk?


Thinking about open your Shopify store?

Business Plan Writing

Our experts in business plan writing will help you consolidate your ideas into a business plan either for investors, banks, incubators or any target audiences. 

The service includes consultancy sessions, drafting the business plan from scratch and revisions on demands. 

Service fee: from 50 to €200, depending on specific services requested. 

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You are a startup with limited budget, but would like to make sure it gets visibility in Google search?

The service includes a keywords research report and a do-over of your SEO . 

Service fee: from €50 to €100, depending on total page counts. 

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Dashboard Creation

Data Processing

Our experts excel at creating dashboards and make the numbers talk to the people who need to make strategic decisions. 

The service includes a consultancy sessions (60 mins) and dashboards creation

Service fee: from €50 to €100 per project, depending on complexity of the data. 

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Our Shopify experts will set up your online store in one-week time. 

The service includes setting up a Shopify shop with basic features (ready to sell and charge) and follow-up maintenance.

Service fee: from €50 to €100 per project, depending on complexity of the product display.


Follow-up maintenance: €15 per hour.

Setup your Shopify store

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Get some help planning your startup

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