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Franchising Your Business?

Show the leads you are the better choice

through technology 


Use a business plan tool 

Create a top-notch business plan to attract your future franchisees by using an intuitive, interactive, cloud-based tool.


A universal template 

A universal business plan template fits all type of business. Just follow the steps.


Easy share, easy edit

Invite people involved in the project to view or edit if any update needed. You save the trouble of emailing back and forth for hundreds of times.


Automated forecasting tool 

Tailor financial plans for your leads without using complex Excel formulas. Tables and graphs are automatically generated. 


Cloud-based Saas tool

Use technology wisely to adding more value to your brand and standing out from the franchise world.

Entice franchisees and strengthen your brand image

A better way to close the deal with your leads: using a new, digital, interactive business plan tool to showcase how your brand can lead them to mutual success!

Still sending business plan to your leads in Word or PDF?

Do it online, do it together

It's 2022, let's embrace technology in business plan creation. Our business plan tool offers a universal template that fits all type of business. It's easy to (co)edit and share. 

✅ A business plan aligned by all department

❌ Thousands XXX.doc(1)copy2 on your drive

A cloud-based business plan builder

universal template.jpg

Automated calculation and visualisation 

Screenshot 2022-06-29 174811.jpg

Presenting financial plan to your leads with Excel spreadsheet?

Forget about formulas and formatting

Our financial tool helps you tailor a financial plan for your potential franchisees as each individual lead may have their own financial dynamics to analyse. 

✅ Just key in the numbers and select the options best represent their financial scenario

❌ Excel spreadsheet, no more formulas

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