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Working on your team project?

Let Me Guess, 
Entrepreneurship Learning?

You've learnt all the theories in the class, read all the book and case studies. It's time to get into the real deal but you struggle where to start with.

Don't worry, use a business planning tool. 
It's FREE, intuitive, cloud-based and made for teamwork.

Fancy to transform from student to entrepreneur?

The Next Unicorn Is At 
Your Fingertips
Young Businesswoman_edited.png

You've spotted a niche and been thinking about turning it into a business? Use business plan builder to organise and develop your ideas. 

Seeing real potential in your team project?

Hurry Up, Treat It Like A
Real Business

A business plan without a financial plan will end up going no where. Faicliq offers an automated financial planning tool that will help you turn a student project to a real deal. 

Reasons why

Entrepreneurs choose Faicliq to build up their business plan


A universal template 

Save time searching for templates that fit their business type


Easy share, easy edit

Work on the project with a team sync or asyn


Automated forecasting tool 

Do not have to be an expert in Excel to do a cashflow forecast nicely


Supported by talents

Benefit from valuable insights given by strong business minds behind the tool 

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