Let the world see your big idea💡 — start building your business with Faicliq

Many people have thought of being an entrepreneur at least once in their life, including you.

Perhaps, you are

a midwife, 👩🏿 who takes care of health of so many women, would like to launch a product to improve their wellbeing, and needs help to figure out the financial landscape;

a university freshman, 👩🏻‍🎓 who has seen a market niche for your generation and is inexperienced in pitching the idea to attract investors, or;

a farmer, 👩🏻‍🌾who is keen to explore a business model to help your fellow local farmers boost their product sales, and is in need of advice from marketing professionals on branding.

a veteran of a big corporation 🤵🏻 who has a promising idea for new verticals that needs to be validated;

Unlike others, who let ideas stay where they were, you actually intend to make it happen.

Let’s wait no more.

Start building you business today, by using Faicliq business plan building tool to creating a solid business plan.

You can also get free access to our knowledge centre where you are provided with rich resources to learn about how to start a business.

Need some intellectual support from experts on a specific topic? Say, financial forecast? Or look for a like-minded to launch a project together? No worries, meet us at the advisory centre and network centre, we’re here to support you to make it happen.

In Galician, “Fai” means “make”. “Cliq” is, well, quite self-explanatory. We are living in a world where almost everything can be done through simple clicks (Yes, just almost, not everything, yet).

Our vision is to help entrepreneurs start their businesses from scratch through a few simple clicks. With time, we hope it will become a platform where entrepreneurs can find all kinds of resources at their disposal to turn their big ideas into a real business.

How do we support entrepreneurs?

Business Plan Builder 🖋

The idea in your head will forever stay as an invisible being if you have never written it down. Once you start it, you will have to look into all aspects of you soon-to-be-real business in depth. Our tool will guide you, step-by-step, to refine your idea, to help you to pinpoint blind spots and eventually to translate it into a business plan.

This includes

  • conceptualising the product/service

  • analysing its market

  • mapping company set-up plan.

Financial Forecast Tool 📊

Where do you start if you would like to do a forecast on the profit and loss for the first year of the business? Listing out all the cost items? Or formulas for calculation of your revenue? Then you would try to key in those numbers into each little unit of a spreadsheet, struggling to better design it visually? And imagine multiple team members are editing the same Excel document. Yes, it will inevitably become very messy and frustrating.

Our financial planning tool provides you with a comprehensive list of costs and logics to verify financial feasibility of your business. Forget about inputting data in those little units, looking up for proper formulas, or formatting the spreadsheet.

• Make it Happen 🚀

🗣 Advisory Centre

Sometimes you might feel working alone or within a small circle of associates on the idea is not enough to address certain issues.

Instead of googling endlessly, seeking direct answers from an expert can save you so much time. Plus, they can share with you some experiences from real cases, which often turns out to be very inspiring.

Our experts are here at your disposal. To solicit a session with one of them, you just need to tell us the issues you would like to address by filling a form, and then we will pair you with one of the best in the business and schedule a call for both.

🤝 Network Centre

After all, your brilliant business idea will need to be entrusted in some capable hands. We assist all entrepreneurs to look for partners with whom they may achieve success together.

🗂 Knowledge Centre

Quality reads on how to start a business, for example, how do you write a business plan.

It's being updated periodically and, it's free.

Ready to roll? Faicliq Beta is available now 🖥, sign up for your entrepreneurial journey today.