The future of business education

Updated: Jun 5

“In March 2020, demand for entrepreneurship education was up 66% year-on-year—a strong indication that, during times of great crisis, students perceive new business creation as a catalyst for helping them find opportunities.” While some people are skeptical about the idea of teaching entrepreneurship in classroom, the demand is not only real, but also growing.

📈The trend

As we are marching amid a global pandemic, business models are being disrupted and evolving as we speak, as well as the teaching approaches in business schools.

In fact, some adaption has already been put in place to keep up with the growing demands from students, for instance:

  • More emphasis on entrepreneurship and innovation, balancing learning-by-studying with learning-by-doing

  • More focus on interaction and application in class while putting more lecture-like material online

  • More experiential learning outside the classroom, locally and globally (internships and field-based projects)

  • Supplementing the soft skills of leadership with a data analytics toolkit allowing leaders to talk to and learn from the “geeks”

  • Collaborative applied research or project in organisations and learning through consultation

  • Gamification of learning

🤝A helping hand

Understandably, all changes require funds and technology. As technology comes to education, it's really important to be ahead of the curve, so that we can evolve and keep pace with where the technology is taking us. However, we understand it is not always the educators’ call to allocate funds to ensure educational resources are accessible to learners, especially in the public education system. Therefore, Faicliq is happy to lend a helping hand.

As a platform dedicated to support entrepreneurship, at Faicliq we believe more can be done beyond supporting committed entrepreneurs. The support should be extended to learners at all levels of education.

That said, our cloud-based business forecasting tool and large pool of business talents not only will serve as means for startups at early stage to achieve success, but also serve as educational resources through which a) business school students can put their learning into practice or; b) any type of learners, young or senior, who have great business ideas but are inexperienced in business settings, can use our platform to selfteach how to create a business plan and seek for guidance when needed.

We help all learners

  • With a step-by-step guide, transform their business idea into a written plan — a real one that can be presented to audiences such as potential investors;

  • Pair them with experts in relevant field who can help formulate solutions to their problems;

  • Find them partners, if needed, whose skillsets complement theirs.

We would like to offer free access our business forecasting tool to students in all public schools and universities where some brilliant minds just need a bit help to shine.

So, if you are an educator, who is teaching or would like to cultivate entrepreneurship among your students, send us an email or leave us a message. Let’s discuss how we can best assist you in the preparation of future disruptors in the world of business.

Together, we shape the future.