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One-pager business model canvas

Establish the foundation of your business model in a highly visual way. 

The business model canvas is a one-page document that addresses the most important elements to launch your startup and get paid customers. 

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Easy to use

Compile your idea on a single sheet explaining how your business is creating value for your customers.

Collaborate with others working with different stakeholders in the same document.

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Visualize and share your plan

Easily visualize your plan and share it with others when you feel ready. 

Download your One-pager with just one click and share it with your investors or colleagues. 


Business plan guide

The ultimate business plan builder

Create your business plan following the step-by-step guide covering every part of your startup journey. 

Business plan guide

Define the value proposition of your idea, your product. 

Talk about the founder's team, your key partners...

Market research

Analyze your market, customers, competitors. 

Review your strengths, weakness, opportunities, threats and understand your market potential


Financial guide

Project your business

The financial plan guide helps you build your projections even if you are not an expert in finance or using spreadsheets 

Financial guide
Cash flow projections

Calculate up to 5 years of cash flow projections and visualize the information on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis. 

Detailed reports

Visualize detailed cash flow, profit, and loss projections and easily share it with others. 

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