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Faicliq is a platform that supports entrepreneurship by offering a:

We help you launch a successful business

Universal business plan template

Forecasting tool

Advisory center

Knowledge center

Network center

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An Universal Business Plan template for any type of business.

Forget about searching for templates online. With our platform you will be able to create a business plan step by step without missing any important section

Universal business plan template


Forecast your revenues and expenses

While working on your business plan, you probably have realized the importance of predicting your cash flow.

With your Personal Pro account, you will be able to generate a financial plan even if you are inexperienced in the field our using complex sheet formulas.

Forecasting tool


Validate and launch your idea with the help of advisors

Get advice from the best experts in the field. Thinking about designing a logo for your company? Would you like to get advice on your financial plan or marketing strategy? Submit your request and we will put you in touch with an expert in the field.

Image by John Schnobrich
Advisory center


Learn new business concepts with our Knowledge center

For first-time entrepreneurs, learning how to plan your business is a very good first step in building a successful business. Learning empowers your long-term. As an entrepreneur, you must develop the habit of always learning and improving your skills, and learning the skill of business planning should be high on your list.

Knowledge center


Connect with other entrepreneurs with our Network Center

You have a brilliant idea but are still looking for the perfect partner to launch with? Our network center will help you get connected with some brilliant minds to work together and launch a successful project.

Drawing on a Board
Network center
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